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Our Staff

A message from our staff:
We are always here to lend a helping hand to all of our patients. We genuinely care for your well-being and are willing to help you through your entire visit process. We pride ourselves on delivering the best experience to our patients before, during and after your visit. We recognize each one of our patients are individuals and deserve individual care from our office. We hope we can get the opportunity to serve you in the future.



  • Deborah Baez

  • Laurie Cook

  • Susan DeCarlo

  • Kathy Foehrkolb

  • Patty Francis

  • Mary Ann Hand

  • Vanessa Gonzalez-Green

  • Mary Lafex

  • Brooke Liptrap

  • Amber MacDonald

  • Ann-Margret McGehee

  • Kayleigh Moats

  • Dawn Riehl

  • Karen Rogers

  • Joann Shanks

  • Carolyn Strain

  • Michelle Wallis

  • Debra Brooks

  • Sara Hannahs

  • Jordan Robinson


  • Tamira Adair

  • Kathy Armstrong

  • Harpal Bains

  • Reece Bartell

  • Megan Colonell

  • Rosemarie (Lanie) Conda

  • Keennu Curry

  • Aylissia Fisher

  • Paul Marshall

  • Danelle McNeil

  • Bita Sajedi

  • Jeremy Scranton

  • Eli Seemann

  • Brittani Smith

  • Kimberly Thomas

  • Jessica Thorn

  • Amber Turfle

  • Nicole Wike

  • Kristina Moats

  • Aysha Ameen

  • Johanna Daisey

  • Abby Acheampong

  • Shelby Michal